Ready to go – White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange
i-coinexchange was built to help all traders (novice and veteran) to trade effortlessly and securely

Brought to you by a small talented and dedicated team with decades of experience in IT and business.We’re driven by our customers’ success stories so please share yours further down the road.Bringing together approaches from different backgrounds and very different skill sets as individuals,the team are united by the same goals.

Alpha/Demo release platform available soon


i-coinexchange is packed with benefits and features…

Ease of use

i-coinexchange is built for novice and season veterans alike.Straightforward simple interface that also offers the advanced features the veteran expects.

White Label

i-coinexchange can be white label and branded / styled to meet your business requirements.Your customers expect your style and your approach – i-coinexchange is flexible to deliver your desired look and feel.In short, this means i-coinexchange fits the bill for your RAPIDLY DELIVERED CRYPTO EXCHANGE PLATFORM

Multiple Currency

Created from the outset to function in a multi-currency ecosystem i-coinexchange gives the users the flexibility of choice and scale.i-coinexchange can extend to trade multiple currencies on multiple platforms.You decide the model that best works for your business and i-coinexchange can be stylised and adapted to suit.


We take security very very seriously.i-coinexchange.follows the 37-Fort Knox security checklist

Admin Panel

A Secure and Advanced Admin panel for you to control your Cryptocurrency exchange end-to-end.

WHY i-coinexchange

Accelerated Results

Your Business needs results… with i-coinexchange you can accelerate your business by making more sales with better performance

i-coinexchange was built with an objective to help both Buyers and Sellers accomplish their trading goals effortlessly and securely.

The entire layout of this Cryptocurrency exchange platform is made to facilitate trading for even a user who has close to nil knowledge and experience.

Our Development Process


To ensure development is driven by market needs and requirements early research is completed before starting to design and development for any new feature in i-coinexchange.


Once again driven by the user we ensure that after we understand the user and or business need we go to the design phase to construct a design delivering the requirements with great user experience.


Development follows the design.Development is the time for the heavy lifting in terms of feature enhancement. Development work is done by skilled and enthusiastic engineers.


i-coinexchange testing is comprehensive and efficient. Automated tests support a structured manual testing cycle performed by internal and external resources (including community testers)

Built as a Workhorse


From the start i-coinexchange was designed with security in mind i-coinexchange using SSL and secure password encryption and much more.


Comprehensive and sophisticated API layers have been developed enabling easy addition of New ALT-COINS as required.


Designed and engineered for Performance. i-coinexchange is designed to process over 10,000 parallel Transactions.

Payment gateway

i-coinexchange has both a secure and modular design that enables easy addition of new Payment gateways as required, i.e. Bank etc.

The future is crypto

i-coinexchange is your opportunity to be a part of the Crypto world

Robust Solution

i-coinexchange focuses on delivering a robust solution for your white-labeled cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Goto deliverable

This is arguably the goto deliverable for fast build and delivery of your cryptocurrency exchange solution styled and designed to your requirements.

Time is key

Dramatically reducing the time to deliver your exchange solution and allowing your business operational and profitable FASTER.

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

We’re always on hand to discuss your requirements and help establish a baseline plan for discussion of your new Crypto Current exchange.


From the creators of I-coinExchange


Always happy to discuss your requirements and provide support as you structure your project and define the resources and budget needed